Mi TV P1 Series (43”)


Mi TV P1 Series (43”)



Android TV™


Limitless 4K Display, MEMC


Smart Home Control Hub


Hands-Free Google Assistant


Bezel-Less Design For A Unique Viewing Experience


Bezel-free on three sides, this groundbreaking design offers a higher screen-to-body ratio and 178° viewing angles, delivering a more immersive and enjoyable viewing experience.


Experience The Wonder Of 4K Ultra HD


4K UHD resolution delivers true-to-life images with more detail and greater depth


Supports Dolby Vision and HDR10+ For Brighter Brights and Darker Darks


A higher dynamic range delivers brighter brights and darker darks by enhancing the sharpness, contrast and color of images, while true-to-life levels of detail let you see more than ever before.


MEMC Motion Smoothing For Greater Fluidity Without Juddering


MEMC can automatically insert compensation frames in low-frame-rate content to eliminate screen tearing and juddering, delivering greater fluidity to fast-paced movements during sporting events, motor racing and more.


Android TV, An Easier Way To The Entertainment You Love


Simplify your entertainment experience with Android TV. Access 400,000+ movies and shows, and download 5000+ apps in one place.


Use Your Voice To Create The Perfect Living Environment


Complex operations can be accomplished with simple voice commands at up to a three meter range. Ask Google to control your TV, answer questions and see your calendar. Have it control smart home devices throughout your home.


360° Bluetooth Remote Control That Works Fromany Angle


Bluetooth connectivity means you can control your TV from any angle you choose. Enjoy easy access to Netflix and Prime Video with dedicated remote control shortcut keys.


Quad-Core Processors For Greater Possibilities


Powerfully configured for smooth performance, the 2 GB + 16 GB storage setup also lets you download and install more of your favorite content and entertainment apps.


Twin Dolby Digital/DTS Decoding For Powerful 3D Sound


Two 10W stereo speakers deliver a rich, clear and layered cinematic audio experience from the comfort of your living room.